A Very Big Thank You,,,,

Saturday, June 2, 2007

It was Christmas Morning here in Southern California Today. I received a very big Package. I just Love when something comes in the Mail other than a Bill or Advertising. My hubby brought it in telling me about the New Mail Man and My eyes just Lit up. Couldn't tell you anything he said about the New Mailman, just couldn't wait to get my hands on that box. I couldn't believe what my New friend Mrs.G over at http://lifeatnumber17.blogspot.com/ had sent to me.I was the Lucky winner of her Cottage Charm Giveaway. Let me just say how very generous she was to send me such Beautiful things. I will treasure each one and they now have a new West Coast Home. I cant wait to try the Jam tomorrow morning. Please stop over to her site she has beautiful things to see. I am so blessed to have a New friend. Thank you again Sheila..

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Mrs. G said...

oh wow! The USPS really had its act together this week :) I was just droppin' in to see what was up and your box is already home!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the jam this a.m. and please share whatever doesn't really fit ya'll's (hey...double possessives are a southern thing :) home with friends & family :)

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