Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday's are a Traditional Pancake Day here in our House. My DAD has become the PANCAKE MASTER. I have Now become BACON QUEEN.Together we make a Mean Breakfast. Mom and Eli. get to join in with eating. We are for Hire, we will be coming to you soon.... Enjoy.. love Bacon Queen xoxo sassy


Traci said...

oh my goodness...looks soooo good!!! Sundays we are gulping down cereal or donuts with juice as we are driving to church in a fast flurry. Our Sat. mornings look more like your Sun. morning....whichever day you do them, arent they LOVELY???

MaryB said...

It all looks very yummy! We do the same thing, except we don't have pancakes. It's eggs, bacon, hash brown patties....and Mr.R does the cooking here. Even our dogs get an egg each Sunday!
I love Sunday's! Have a Great Week,

Rosemary said...

Hi Sassy,
I love bacon too!!!
It all looks really yummy.
Glad you all had such a nice breakfast.

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