Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hi My Name is Jamie and I am a TARGET ADDICT! Hehe, ok, Im not that bad? Anyway, was in there Friday picking up the little guy some pants and Soon as I walk in I of course have to hit those $1 bins. Not sure if every Target has them but I bet most do. Anyway I hit some great stuff for Halloween and fall and Shower stuff for ME. I Like to make a few BOO kits for the little kids here in my neighborhood so I found some fun goodies to include in them. Just wanted to share and tell each and everyone of you to hit Target this week and get to those Bins!! I am also throwing in a few pics. of these WONDERFUL bags I found at a small store near my house. I have the Packing tape to match so I got the bags for the Holidays. I do lots of Baking for the Neighbors and I thought these would be great for the Goodies I make! They are so pretty and I thought reasonably priced.


Mary said...

Hi Jamie -- thanks for visitng my blog. I'm new to this, and I wasn't too sure about the Rudy post. I'm waiting to see if it offends anybody. Anyway, thanks for laughing!

Looks like you got some great things at Target, or Tar-shay (phonetic sp.) as we like to all it.

I love your jewelry -- excuse me while I go look t some more!
Mary at dearlittleredhouse

Ginger said...

I love Target as well I can spend hours just looking. Thank-you for visiting my blog I love having new people say hello. Your blog is so beautiful very nice pictures. Have a great day I will visit your blog offten.

Rosemary said...

Hi Jamie,
My weekend is going great so far, thanks for asking.
I LOVE Target and those dollar bins are so great. You find the best stuff. I will go and check it out. I love those bags too, let me know where you got them.
We are so much alike.
Have fun with all of your great goodies.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I so wish we had Target over here, I know I would love it!!

carole said...

I love your black and silver/white packing tape!!! Those bags are cool and match perfectly!!!
The only thing I have bought at Target is cat food and litter : ) I will stope at the dollar bins next time : )
Thank you for the info : )

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

I love Target...exploring the $1 bins and just the store as a whole...I go for ONE thing and end up with a cart full!
BUT now I am hunting down those Home chic Home bags (I adore the black/white damask design)and packing tape. Before I commented I went looking, one place is sold out, another has one size zip bags & garbage bags and still another has only the tape. I just love these...I see some ordering in my future. and it's all your fault.heeheehee!! :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Last month I posted that Target was our new neighbor. I could walk there if I wanted... not that I would because how would I carry everything back?
I got some black metal baskets for $1! $1! what a deal. (or should I say a steele?)

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