Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wow, I can Hardly believe Halloween has come and Gone. Now in just a few short weeks we will be giving Thanks and Celebrating Thanksgiving. Last Night was Crazy Busy and the Kids had lots and lots of fun. Elijah got what I am guessing is 10lbs. of Candy.. Miss Sassy and lots of her Tween Friends hit a few Neighborhoods only getting a small amount of Candy just mostly Socializing. I stayed back at the old Homestead to hand out the Treats. I was Candyless by 8:15, I had to sneak some Goodies out of Elijah's Stash from his first drop off of Candy.. With all the Purple,Orange and Black put away Now the Oranges,Browns, Golds, Silver all the Great warm tones come out. I actually redid my Fireplace Mantle a Few days ago Because I was excited to put out some New Goodies. The Kids and Myself are So Tired today and Im sure their will be some Crabby People come this afternoon... I hope everyone had a Spooktacular Halloween.Some photo's of the Thanksgiving Preparations. *Jamie*


Rosemary said...

Hi Jamie,
I'm tired today too. We had about 300 kids last night. I have been packing away my Halloween decor. It's an all day job. Next I will bring out my vintage Thanksgiving decorations. I love Thanksgiving.
Your mantle looks really pretty, but you did it so I knew it would look like that.
Rest up dear friend.

carole said...

Hi Jamie:
Lovely mantle decorations yet it is exactly what I would expect from you who is so creative!!!
I am getting tired already so I will e-mail you later this afternoon to let you know my great progress : )
Peace & Love

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