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Thursday, December 4, 2008

times being what they are right now (not great) I have had to get a bit more Creative with the gift giving. december is not just christmas and haunakkah but i have a few girlfriends that are celebrating big birthdays too. so, hmmm, not too much money but something they will really like. first, i know i've said it here many times before, im a orchid nut and have at this time 28 in my collection. honestly that is not many to a real orchid collector considering there are thousands of orchid species! this is a cynbidium orchid, a winter bloomer here in california, there tall and have larger flower spikes and buds. i wrapped it in some burlap i had in the garage from a thanksgiving project. approx. a 1/2 yd. floded it over a few times wrapped it, closed it with a hidden safety pin and a bit of hot glue. added a old rhinestone fur clip along with some simple vintage seam binding . a tea dyed tag dangles for my special message. done! easy peasy, cost me $20 for the orchid which is very inexpensive for a orchid of this size and the amount of flower spikes, the rest i had on hand. the bloom can last up to a month too. i did not wrap the bottom of the orchid so the friend getting it, just has to put it under the sink water and let it run for a few minutes and that is it once a week. the second gift idea came out of my vanity! no kiddin, i walk in the mornings with a friend and it is many mornings cool and foggy.when you have naturally kinky and curly hair after a walk in the fog i look like a toy poodle. i found simple knit caps at target for $1.99 picked up several. came home took some of my old millinery flowers added some vintage sparkle put a pin back on them and pin them to the hats. started wearing mine last week and have already given two of them away as gifts! just a little creativity and thought and you can come up with all kinds of wonderful ideas! im spending saturday at this lovely ladies home to offer my jewels and visit with friends. I get to see this sweet friend, this friend and this friend coming all the way from arizona. lots of other friends will be there too and i can't wait to visit and see what the amazing kim has done this time. hope you like the ideas and have a wonderful weekend. oh... next wednesday, im having a holiday give away so please stop by. *jamie*


Rosemary said...

Hi Miss Creative!!
Love all of your great ideas!!
Hope you have a great weekend!
By the way, my walking friend's husband has about 60 or 70 orchids.
Chat later,

Maija said...

I'll take "hat Head" any day with one of those beauties on!

Have so much fun this weekend- you bettter be there in January when I'm out!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like great gifts to me! I have a feeling more people will be getting creative in their gift giving this year

KayEllen said...

Darling idea Jamie:)
Have a wonderful time tomorrow....
Take lots of pictures for us all to see in blogland!

Sara said...

Your gift ideas are lovely! Hope you had a good time today with your talented friends.

traci said...

i just love the hat!!! you look adorable in it, not sure if i would or not.

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