A Winner!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes! I have to tell you I laughed so Hard at some of the random tid bits about everyone.. Some were so, so Funny. The WINNER is Ruth form The Beautiful Life Her Blog and her Shop are pure Eye Candy! I'm leaving you with this Picture of my Husband and I as today we celebrate 15 years of marriage! Aren't we a Gorgeous Couple??? LOL.. Oh, stop in all next week, I'm having a little Open House. Have a Great Weekend, *Jamie*


Rosemary said...

Oh, what a cute couple!!
Congrats to the winner, and Happy Anniversary. Have a wonderfu weekend!

*The Beautiful Life* said...


Thank you SO much!! I have never won anything! Ever! So wow!! I'm totally on top of the world today!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, did I say "thank you"? :)

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats to Ruth!

TattingChic said...

Congrats to the very lucky winner! Happy Anniversary to the very handsome couple, LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a cute picture. Your husband makes a great Howard Stern look-a-like.


Maija said...

Happy Anniversary!
Hubby looks just like Howard Stern!!

traci said...

great photo - not many gals can look cute with pink hair, but you pull it off well. congrats Ruth!!

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