On a Spring Weekend

Monday, March 30, 2009

Somewhere outside of Los Angeles I had a Truly Lovely Weekend! Don't stone me Mid West and East Coast Girls but our Weekend Weather wise was nothing short of Perfection. A little cleaning, (little being the key word), baking a Delicious Pink Inspired Cake, Opening up all the windows and French Doors, Gardening,watching Eli practice his Skateboarding Skills, taking a nice walk with the hubby, shopping with my Girl for Spring and Summer Clothes, a few Cocktails and watching 10 teens swim and sunbath soaking in Warm Sunshine. The only thing missing? Baby Autumn who is fighting yet another cold and couldn't come be a part of our Beautiful Spring weekend. I really do Love this Time of Year. I'm Inspired to have a Give Away this Friday, it is Not Jewelry but it does Sparkle as much if not more! Spread the Word Please.... Have a Wonderful Week, *Jamie*


Rosemary said...

Hi Jamie,
You are so right, the weather is perfect. Saturday was warm and lovely. I too worked in my garden all day.
Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. Hope baby feels better soon.

Jackie said...

Sounds perfect Jamie!!

Mermaid Queen said...

I worked in the garden too Jamie, but it was a little cooler down here, almost looked like it would rain. Thanks for sharing your great pics!
Take care,

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh PLEASE send some my way. Green is nonexistant in my neck of the woods! Your girl is very pretty. Keep those Spring pictures coming!

Joy @The Vintage Rabbit said...

It indeed was a beautiful weekend!!
We are so spoiled living in South. Cal.

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Well, I used to live in California, so I know what beautiful days you are talking about. Snow in our forcast tomorrow.

I just had to come over and meet you. Found you on the Nester. I also have a small home based business and I could have written her post too.

Your work is gorgeous from what I've seen so far. I have signed up to be a follower of yours, so I will be back!


KayEllen said...

We are so blessed to wonderful Spring days here in southern California;-)

Beautiful post Jamie,


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Don't you just love Spring? I do! Aaaachoo! Sounds like your weather has been great. Hope Miss Autumn is better.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Loving the season, too, Jamie! Its not too hot, not so cold you need to bundle up. Things are greening up ... its wonderful!
Loved your picture collage!! :)

traci said...

oh, i won's stone you. i will just pretend that i am your neighbor though. what a perfect weekend for you. the photos are great. you said giveaway - hwo exciting!!! have a great day!

Holly Loves Art said...

A lovely post and sounds like it was a fabulous weekend. Yes, the weather has been divine hasn't it? It's supposed to be cooling down a bit...

Have a great night!


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Sounds like it was perfect!
~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I would be happy if the wind didn't blow and ruin my roses.


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