Spring Organizing

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The last several weeks have been what I'm calling Spring Organizing, not cleaning, although there has been lots of cleaning going on too. I really try to keep up on the cleaning but the organizing usually falls behind. I have organized and or rearranged every closet in this house. Gave away things, donated a few things and tossed the rest. The kitchen was a challenge, I realized I hadn't taken everything out of the cabinets and really cleaned them for almost three years. (that's embarrassing!)Truth be told,I feels so Good to be able to open up a closet or drawer and see organization. I repainted every door and all the trim in the whole house, that took a week itself. Amazing with a house full of kids and their friends how many nicks and scratches just appear! Last weekend I tackled my work area and desk, felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders to organize the Jewels. What is it about this time of year that makes you want to organize and clean? Fresh Start I guess! Happy Weekend, *Jamie*


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh how I wish I had your drive (or even just the time!) to get some Spring cleaning done, too!

I keep saying 'THIS will be the week (or the day!) I get some of this stuff cleared out and organized!" Then... life steps in and changes THAT plan! :)

Enjoy your freshened, organized surroundings!!! :)


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I got on a roll and was doing real good there for a while, then stopped. I need to get motivated again - to much other going on I guess.

Maija said...

The only time I really clean is when I can't find something!

Kasey said...

tell me about it. I just want a decluttered home for now:)

Bonnie said...

you are by far the most talented person on the internet!!! How do you find time to clean and make all the beautiful things that you do??? Keep it up... you are an inspiration.

Holly Loves Art said...

You've been busy! OH how I love spring cleaning and organizing. It's so nice to stand back when it's all done and let out a nice sigh.... ahhh... it's finished (for now!).

Will I see you next week at Kim's event? Hope so!

Take care,


traci said...

wow girl, you've been busy. good for you. can you send some of your organizational energy my way. i need to paint doors here too.

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