A Winner!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes! I have to tell you I laughed so Hard at some of the random tid bits about everyone.. Some were so, so Funny. The WINNER is Ruth form The Beautiful Life Her Blog and her Shop are pure Eye Candy! I'm leaving you with this Picture of my Husband and I as today we celebrate 15 years of marriage! Aren't we a Gorgeous Couple??? LOL.. Oh, stop in all next week, I'm having a little Open House. Have a Great Weekend, *Jamie*

A Birthday Give Away!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Today I turn 42 and I want to Celebrate with all of You!The Winner gets to choose anything from my Etsy Shop. I thought it would be Fun to share a few Random Facts about Me.. *Wrecked my parents car two months after getting my Drivers License. *Talk to myself often *Don't always have Patience. *Met my husband in a bar. * Drink coffee all day long *Mop my floors every single day *Told my mom I would marry my husband after the first date. *Had my nose pierce a few years ago,Loved it but it hurt all the time so I let it close up. *Never leave my house without make-up. *Take my kids and their friends to school in my PJ's. *Dred changing the sheets on my bed every week. *Love to embarrass my kids *Love to people watch. *Love, Love, Love Italian food. *Don't eat anything that comes from the ocean. *Wish I could go back to Paris. For the Give Away I want to hear a Random Fact about You!! Good Luck.....*Jamie*


Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't you LOVE when for No apparent reason you come across something in your Travels you just Fall in Love with! The other day, I made a quick stop in the local Thrift Shop, usually just a place where I find Beautiful Old Silver. this time tucked in a Corner next to some old beat up Picture frames was this Perfect little Treasure. A Gorgeous detailed brass frame that is a bit heavy in weight, really worn Velvet backdrop and Three Antique findings. Two are Stunning steel Buttons the other a delicate brass carved clip. The buttons are sewn on and the clip is glued. the Back is filled with worn tape keeping it all together but the front is so Pretty.It has a very Rich French Inspired look. I stopped looking, grabbed it up and payed my $5, ran to my car and sat and examined every inch. So, So, Pretty, it now is sitting on my nightstand in the "New Room" like it was made to sit there. It was a Good Week! I have lots of little house projects I'm working on and if you can believe it, I actually cut out a skirt this week to start my first sewing project! Stop in Monday, It's my Birthday and I'm gonna have a Give Away! Have a Wonderful Weekend, *Jamie*

BedRoom ReDeux

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Hard part is Finished! I've come to the conclusion, I still DO NOT like painting. I know many people Enjoy it, find it Relaxing maybe, Ughh, to me Yuck. My hubby and I spent all day Saturday into the evening and most of the day Sunday painting.Our bedroom is not large but the ceilings are high. We wanted to climb into or should I say, crawl into the spa Saturday night, but we were both too sore and exhausted to even go out and turn the Damn thing on. Now we wish we would have upgraded and put the Spa controls in the house. (Live and Learn) Well, the color is Gorgeous, Relaxing and there is so, so much light in there now. I kept repeating the whole day, I can't believe we lived with this faux painted mess for so long. Still needed, a comfy chair for the corner, art work for the walls and I think that is it. I redid the Head board with a Beautiful fabric, new Duvet and shams, new mirror,new lamp, new roman shades,new window treatments and the very best Investment I wish we would have bought years ago, a memory foam pad for the bed. We don't want to get out bed, its like sleeping on a cloud. Yesterday afternoon as the rain and hail came pouring down, I was working on my laptop and my husband was taking a nap in our New Favorite Room! It's a Great Birthday Gift. I'm Happy!! *Jamie*

Have A Sweet Weekend

Friday, February 13, 2009

I do Hope that Everyone has a Wonderful Weekend, filled with all things Sweet and Happy! I will be standing Butt to Butt with my SweetHeart Painting our LOVE NEST (Bedroom)! After my last Post I'm so Happy to know that I am Not the only "All Over the Place" Creative Person. A funny PS to the Post, I haven't had a single minute to make a piece of Jewelry in the last week due to the Bedroom Redeux and I think I'm close to having the DT's! LOL... I keep telling myself, "Jamie, you can do it, you'll be making Jewelry soon." I'll be back next week with Pictures of the New Room. Finally!! *Jamie*

Too Many Ideas

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Please Tell me Im not the "Only" person this happens too.. Sometimes, mostly with my Jewelry, but it my everyday life too, Ill be working on a piece and something else on my table catches my eye. I will put down a piece I've been working on and have to start working on the other cuz an Idea popped into my head!Lately it has been happening so much, Im working on two and three pieces at the same time. Maybe ADD or better yet, maybe Jewelry making ADD! I think I just need to slow down my Crazy Creative brain sometimes. LOL..The last two weeks my brain has been in Bedroom mode, we are Re-doing are whole bedroom top to bottom. This weekend we are Painting so hopefully next week I'll have some Pictures to show. I've moved from thing to thing in there too. Ughhh, I think I just need to Slow down. *Jamie*

Bebe Doux

Monday, February 9, 2009

I have been working on a few pieces of what I've named, "Vintage Home Jewels." I started this piece a while back but got a bit side tracked by a few custom orders! Last Week I sat down and Finished it up, I really Love how it came out and listed in my shop. I have plans for a few more Home Jewels too. You can accent with them anywhere, walls,hooks,door knobs,picture frames, lamps, anywhere your little Creative Heart can think of. I think they would make a Beautiful Gift, I'm planning one for a Special Lady I know for Mothers Day! It was fun to create, gotta get moving on the others. Rain, Rain, Rain here in Southern California and we need it. I have a feeling it will be a Beautiful Spring filled with lots of Green and blooms. Have a Wonderful Week, *Jamie*

My Winter Garden

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grant it, its been raining and 50 degrees for the last 2 days here in Southern California, but for the last few weeks, Paradise! We had a rush of Spring Weather for 2 weeks and the Garden started taking off. All Winter and Spring Blooms but Blooms non the less! The Ivy on the Walls is still Sleeping along with many others, hopefully in the next 6 weeks they will start waking up too..*Jamie*


Friday, February 6, 2009

Picked by the Random Number Generator at Random.Org! Debby-Romancing the Bling Couture Allure Vintage Fashion and The Stlyish Kasey-LolaB Thank You Ladies! Ill have them in the mail ASAP.. Have a Great Weekend, *Jamie*


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I admit, I don't wear Earrings, I really do Love them I just Never wear them! I have been making a effort to make more Earrings in the last few months at the request of clients. I wanted to have a quick Give Away of Three Pairs of Earrings. They are all very Beautiful with a Romantic feel and dangling from Sterling Earwires.I'm going to pick 3 Winners, just add a comment if you would like to enter. I'll pick the Winners Friday, Good Luck *Jamie*

Bijoux de Cheveux

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lots and Lots of Sparkling "Hair Jewels", Last week I finished up a Custom Order for a Beautiful "Bride To Be." When she approached me a while back she wanted her Brides Maids to have some sort of Rhinestone Accent in their "UpDo's". She wanted them to be Vintage and filled with Sparkle. Along with clear rhinestones only she also did not want bobby pin style accents. So I came up with these simple silver tone hair combs and soldered on Old Rhinestone Earrings. She was so Excited and I was absolutely Crazy for them Too!! She is giving them to all the ladies along with a simple rhinestone bracelet to wear on her Big Day. I ended up making a few for myself, Miss Sassy and a couple for my Etsy Shop. Emily wears her hair in a bun 95% of the time so she has been wearing her comb for a week now. There so much fun and a perfect little something to add to your everyday wear. Ms. Scrappy Jessi has been making some of the most Adorable HeadBands with Vintage flowers and Ribbons too. Sass told me Hair Jewels have been popular for a while, I guess I have been "under a rock" cuz I've missed that trend until now! It's so Fun to add a little Special Something to your everyday life isn't it? If your an Earring Lover stop in Wednesday, I'm going to have a quick little Give Away. Hope everyone has a Fantastic Week, *Jamie* ***THANK YOU, All of the Jeweled Combs have been Sold***
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