An Affaire in Wonderland

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Weekend I was Lucky enough to spend 2 days with some Creative Women on a Beautiful Adventure in Wonderland! Well Disneyland, but it certainly felt like we were in Wonderland.Kim Caldwell put together another absolutely Brilliant Event. She has a vision and eye for detail like no one I have ever met. We started our weekend with a over the top with shopping, a Class with Candice Carpenter a Wonderful Tea Party along with the Movie, "Alice in Wonderland!" have you seen the movie? LOVED it!! Actually going to see it again, so much to take in. Saturday were  two classes, myself and my Sweet Friend and Roomie Christine 
I have to be Honest and say that Teaching Anything is a Huge Leap outside my Jamie Bubble. But when my dear friend asks, I had to step up! LOL..It was a Fantastic Experience, each and every student had the most Creative Vision for their project and I was so Happy. These Girls Rocked their projects and took them above and beyond what I showed them. I only Wish I had gotten more Pictures of the finished bottles to share with you because they were Inspiring. Christine's and Candice's class were Beautiful and so Unique. Kim had the Help and Creative Eye of Valerie Jones, who has a Heart of Gold. Her Super Fab Hubby Corey photo'd the whole Event and took a Whopping 4,500 pictures. Can you Imagine, you hardly knew he was there. She and Corey are Gifting each of us a disc with loads of photo's from the whole weekend. Along with that Val had a Cake Created that would have knocked your socks off. It's in the second grouping of shots, the Tea Pot and it was as Delicious as it was Beautiful. I got to spend time with friends and make many New Friends. We spent Saturday night in the Park Laughing and Riding Rides until late into the night. I came home Exhausted and  a Heart filled with Happiness. I want to say a HUGE Thank You to my Friend Kim for the Opportunity to be a part of this Wonderful Affaire! She has a Over the Top Summer Event Ladies, you really need to experience one of her Weekend Affaire's you will not be disappointed. Until next time, xo Jamie
For my Peeps: in my Shrill Voice, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"


Kasey said...

it looks like an amazing time!
and i love your new header;-)

The Country Club Kat said...

Wish there was something like this on the east coast! I merchandised my store in the Wonderland theme and will be posting photo's soon. Great job.

Holly Loves Art said...

A very lovely post, Jamie! Gorgeous pictures! Love the mosaic! YOU were one of my all-time favorite instructors I MUST SAY! Your darling and creative bunny/bottle class was so much fun. I found the perfect spot on my favorite shelf for my piece.

We had so much fun!

Junkstylediva said...

Looks like you had fun! Have a great day and keep on creating! Inge

My Vintage Treasures said...

How FUN!!! Your muchness is overflowing :)

beth gales said...

Wow--this looked to be a great event and lots of fun. You are so talented! I am always impressed!

traci said...

wow, that looks like an amazing event. how fun. i would love to have you teach me some of your creativeness. haven't seen the movie yet. i am always behind on movies. thanks for sharing all the fun!!!

Rosemary said...

Looks like a magical time Jamie.
You girls all look adorable too!!
Glad you had a fun time.
Kim does a wonderful job!! Amazing!

Maija said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I can't believe you girls cut into that cake!!!! Actually, I'm feeling a little sad I didn't get a piece of it.....
I love the bottles you created! I saw Earleens this week and I am smitten!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
what a fantastic weekend we had.
i can still hear you in the park, "off with there heads" tee hee.
Your class was amazing. i adore my bottle.
love ya sweets,

*@* said...

Wow! That sure look like a fun time!

Cassandra said...

Oh wow! This looks like it was so much fun! And your photos are FABULOUS. Thanks for sharing :)

Colleen said...

It was great meeting you Jaime! Loved your class and I am so happy to now be the proud owner of a piece of your amazing jewelry.


kay ellen said...

Wonderful weeken,d sweet memories and you yelling "off with their heads"~~priceless:)


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