Thursday, July 1, 2010

        Here are Fifteen things I Love about you!!

 1 Your Smile
 2 Your Style
 3 Your Loyalty
 4 The way you blend together 4-5 songs to make your own and get us all singing
 with you.
 5 Your Infectious laugh
 6 The way you keep a Secret, like no one I know, How do you do that?
 7 Your strength, you don't always see it, but I do
 8 The way you tell a story, so animated
 9 You'll eat anything I make and always tell me you like it
 10 How you Love to Shop with me even if you never like what I pick
 11 Your ability to take pictures of yourself,while listening to music, doing homework,
 texting and talking at the phone all at the same time
 12 How you will still Hug me and tell me you Love me
 13 Your Independance
 14 Knowing what you want and achieving it
 15 Your Big Blue Eyes!
  With out you I wouldn't be Me, the person I am today is because I am a Mom.I Love
  You with all of Heart and Soul and Thank God each day that he Blessed my life with
  you. Happy Fifteenth Birthday, you will Forever be my Sassy Girl

Happy Birthday Emily


Michele said...

OMG...that totally made me cry! Happy Birthday Emily! You're such a beautiful young woman!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Happy Birthday Emily!
Have a great day.

Mande said...

Happy Birthday to your sassy & beautiful Emily!! Hope she has the best Birthday!! Such a beautiful post Jamie. xo

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cuties,
aaww Happy Birthday
wow 15!!!
get your engines ready... tee hee

daily mix LA said...

thats adorable!

Maija said...

Such a lovely tribute to your birthday girl!!!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

15~ That's Amazing, Happy Birthday Emily ~ Your Mom is Very Blessed to Have You as Her Daughter & I know You Must are Blessed to have Her as Your Mom!
Have a Wonderful Day

traci said...

i just love these kinds of posts. such insight into your girl!! happy birthday sweet emily. i wish you all the best.

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