Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Never give up on something you can't go a Day with out thinking about"  ~author unknown

My Absolute Favorite quote these days! Hi there how was your lonnnng July 4th Weekend? Ours was Fun Filled. We had a House full , Drinks were flowing along with more food than I care to admit too. Fireworks were Spectacular and the Best part is, we sit right in our driveway and soak them in. I was also busy with Jewelry, it seems I am at my Happiest when I am Creating.  I'm on a "Bracelet Binge" right now, there are several, not sure how long this will last!

I am always Flattered when someone who reads this blog or looks through my Shop tells me they were Inspired to Create something of their own after taking in what they saw. I pop in on Blogs all the time to be Inspired, My friend Traci Inspires my Photography, which needs more and more Inspiration!! She has such a Eye with that lens. No one Inspires me more with Humor and Creativity than Kasey, She just threw a Birthday Party for her Miss Lola like no other Party. This Blog  is perhaps my Favorite Decor Blog, their style is Beautiful and it suites me Perfectly.  Another Inspirational Tracey always leaves my jaw dropped wide open with her Decor style. Have you seen her Home? Absolutely Beautiful and her Shop it's a Must. You need to Run to her Blog she is having a Blog Give Away that I know you will want to see.  

You see Inspiration is All Around, Take it in. Share what Inspires you!

Have a Fabulous Week

~photo by Me


Maija said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration!!1

Kim Henkel said...

Beautiful photo, Beautiful jewellery, Beautiful daughter. I enjoyed visiting your site.

agirlandherbrush said...

hello, my name is wendy and i am just stopping by to say hello. i am a fellow flyer and i found you on kelly's flying lessons fb page. i just wanted to say that your jewelry is really stunning. i really love the vintage feel!

traci said...

awwww. you are so sweet. that is an amazing quote. i have never heard that before but it is so true. i am writing that down. thanks for sharing. you, my dear friend, are also an inspiration to so many of us. you are so talented. keep up the good work. love ya!!

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