Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"One of Several Items Worn on Top of each other" 

These are My Newest Layers Bracelets.

I like to think of them as my Version of a "Charm Bracelet!" Each one kind of tells a Story, with pieces from the Past along with Pretty Pearls for that Perfect Romantic Touch!

They are my Favorite Pieces to Create, I could work on them ALL day long..

I Love Wearing them as much as I Love Making them!

Happy Wednesday~


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

jamie, they are wonderful! i love all of the vintage elements, the sparkle and the layers!

:) becky

Erin LeBlanc said...

These are so beautiful!! you are so very talented, never doubt that, you can see the passion in your work and the love/care that you put in to making that special piece, that someone else will wear around their neck, or on their wrist.
I know I receive many many compliments when I wear the special necklace you made me, or one of your other pieces I have purchased. Erin

Holly Loves Art said...

Deliciously gorgeous Jamie! Perfect in every way. :)

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