Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's Official, I have a Serious Addiction to ALL things Black and White! 

Not a Bad Thing, Just a Love of the Look! Not sure what Draws me to the Mix, the Dramatic Appeal, Crisp Look, Elegance, Who knows, I just Really Love it. 

I Desperately Try to add Color whenever Possible. I find it very Easy and appealing to do in the House, but with my Wardrobe, I get stuck in that Forever Black and White Rut.

Love it in my Jewelry too, to me there is Nothing Prettier than a Piece of Jewelry in Black and White. So it's Official, Black and White has Entered ALL parts of my Life!! What do you think? Are you a Lover of Black and White? Color? White? Hmmmmmm
Happy Wednesday..


traci said...

i am loving your black and white. those coffee mugs at the top are really cool.

Karin said...

I love it Jaime!

tara said...

ohh ahh, I love it jamie! so pretty, all that damask...sigh!

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