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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday Mornings are my Favorite~ Tuesday is Flea Market Day in my town and like most Flea Markets, it's "hit or miss!" I don't get to go every Tuesday and honestly, I find the Best Treasures if I skip a week or two~ This week was a Jackpot of Sparkle and Finds~ My Heart skips a beat or two when I get a Seller that honestly has no Idea what they have~ Not to sound Sexist in any way, but usually it is with dare I say, Men~ I think the Jewelry and Sparkle just isn't their thing so they just want to Dump it quick. My heart almost leaped into my throat today, all these Simply Stunning Jewels were purchased for a Whopping $20! Please don't Hate me, like I said it doesn't happen often, but when it does, I am Thrilled to say the least~
Gorgeous old Rhinestone Buttons, a Stunning piece of old brass and Cobalt Blue Rhinestone buckle slide, old Pearl Chain, a few French Riveted Steel Buttons, Rhinestone encrusted Cameo earrings, and several scatter pins! And he threw in that old Photo Card~ Today was my Lucky Day~ What have you found lately? 
Do you Flea Market and Junk? I just Love hearing stories of Exciting Finds~ 

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