Vintage Art Deco Rhinestone~

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Possibly one of my FAVORITE Designs in Jewelry~ The period actually spanned for quite a few years, 1920-1935. Some of the characteristics of this Bold and Dazzling Jewelry are, strong angular lines, strong use of symmetrical design, geometric shapes and the filigree look~ Paste rhinestones and faux gems make them sparkle beautifully~ Also celluloid plastics along with enamels and venetian glass make up the "Art Deco Look!"
When I'm looking for Hidden Treasure's my eyes Scour for Art Deco Pieces, I'm pretty sure I can spot them with one eye closed. 
In my New Line, ReVamp, I have several Art Deco Inspired Pieces. Using these pieces and mixing them together with Contemporary Finds, Gemstones, Romantic Pearls and mixes of metals gives them a whole New Life~
The New Line is in the Shop~ Many of the New Pieces are Art Deco Inspired and filled with the Gorgeous Look and Appeal of that time~
                  I could Create with this Style of Jewelry All Day Long~

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