Damn Pinterest~

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Truly have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Pinterest~ I've been Pinning since the beginning, since Pinterest was a just a little site in Beta testing~ I seem to go in phases of looking and pinning, although, for the last six months, I seem to be in a pinning Frenzy~
I've Chalkboard Painted many things over the years~ It is easy and I really Love the look~
Of course while Looking and Drooling at so many Images and Inspirations I got the Bug to Paint the Kitchen Back Splash~
A $6 Investment was an easy Yes in my Book~ If we hated it, I would just paint it back~
Took me only a few hours and the Kitchen got a complete cleaning too~
I really Love the look, for the first few days, I didn't write anything of the walls, I thought maybe we would just keep it plain~
But because I can't leave anything alone, I caved and wrote a few words~ I'm Weird like that~
For $6 and a few hours of my time, not to mention a huge clean out of the Kitchen it was all worth it~ The Family Loves it, even the Teen Boy...."Mom, that looks really good!" From a teen boy, that is a Huge Compliment~ So...."Damn You Pinterest"....I Adore you and Hate you all at the same time... My Chalk Board Board on Pinterest~ All of my Boards on Pinterest~ My Addiction!

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